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The Smart Mod Residential Apartments series consists of modular houses designed as self-sufficient, solid and comfortable residential houses, designed for a family of 2-5 people. Year-round apartments are built of two or three modules, connected together on a plot. Buildings from the Smart Mod series All year round, we fully insulate them with mineral wool, which, combined with the skeletal wooden structure and high-quality windows, gives very good thermal insulation results for partitions, even in the Nordic countries.

Our Smartmods are electrically heated with traditional convectors, heating mats or modern infrared heating. The outer walls are finished with cement-bonded particleboard or facade board. All modules are equipped with aluminum joinery and insulated metal doors. They are perfect as residential houses.

Standard Smart Mod Residential Homes

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Apartment 50

Modular house Smart Mod Apartment 50 is brought to the plot in two parts. It has 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an entrance corridor, and in an additional option two independent recreational terraces. The facade from the living room and bedroom has high terrace glazing. The kitchen is lit by a vertical window for the entire height of the room. The third room is ideal for an additional bedroom or study.

  • dimensions: width 5.7m x length 9m x height 3.3m
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Apartment 65

Smartmod Apartment 65 is made out of two modules. It has a large glazed living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and entrance hall. Terrace – in an additional option. Apartment 65 is an ideal solution for those looking for a home that opens into the surroundings thanks to the glass façade in the living area.

  • dimensions: width 5.7m x length 11.5m x height 3.3m
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Apartment 68

Modular House Smart Mod Apartment 68 is built in the shape of the letter C and has a large living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom with shower, and in the option of an integrated recreational terrace. The module is brought to the plot in three parts.

  • dimensions: width 8.5m x length 9m x height 3.3m
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Apartment 85

The Modular House Smart Mod Apartment 85 is the largest version of the apartments we manufacture. It consists of three modules. It has two bedrooms, a large living room with kitchenette, a spacious bathroom and a fourth room that works well as a small study or laundry room. In the additional option we also provide a recreational terrace. The living room space divides the seating area and space for a large dining table.

  • dimensions: width 8.7m x length 10m x height 3.3m

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2 storey modular seasonal bar on the beach

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Modular office on the sales yard

Modular office on the sales yard

New Smartmod in the series of office modules The modular building Office 60 is the latest project from the Smart Mod Office series. It consists of two steel modules forming a building measuring 6m x 10.5m. The built-up area is 64.2 m2, while the usable area is 55.6...


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