The genesis of the project

The city of Władysławowo has been trying for a significant visual improvement of public spaces for the last few years. When announcing the tender for the design and construction of a new Market, the city’s governors mainly focused on showing what trade should look like in a modern seaside resort. The new marketplace aims to set an example of how modern trade stands should look, which flood the entire city in the summer. The main concept for the project was the desire to organize the commercial space and divide it into functional zones.

targowisko modułowe nowoczesne boksy sprzedażowe

The design of the modern innovative City Market was created for the purpose of the tender organized by the Władysławowo City Hall. The new space combines commercial stands promoting healthy food, a stage enabling the organization of cultural events and a catering zone in the form of comfortable benches and tables under a roof, which was located in the center of the object.

plac targowy modułowy smartmod

“Design and build” tender

The marketplace consists of 17 sales stands made of 9 Smart Mod modules. The boxes are equipped with a full electrical installation with energy-saving LED lighting and a plumbing installation. Each sales stand has a sink and instantaneous water heater. In addition, the boxes are closed with electric blinds.

targowisko modułowe prefabrykowane

Construction of a modular marketplace

The market also has two toilets: one for sellers, the other publicly accessible – adapted for the disabled.

plac targowy modułowy smart mod

Innovative solutions

A modular marketplace is a facility made of high quality materials and using ecological solutions. In order to rationally use electricity, modern graphene photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs of buildings. Sales boxes are finished with durable fiber cement boards, HPL boards and facade boards of Siberian larch. The stage closest to the intersection of the streets is a stage which with its original membrane roof is a characteristic dominant of the layout.

targowisko modułowe

Only 3 main colors (brown wood, anthracite and white) were used in the marketplace, which emphasize modern and simple shapes of buildings and roofs.

Video showing the construction of the market and the ready market:

Domy modułowe SmartMod
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