The origin of the modular reception project

The modular reception at the camping site is a project that was created on the individual order of the investor and was introduced to the Smart-Mod offer on a permanent basis, complementing the proposals of camping houses. The investor, seeing our realization of a beach bar, contacted us with a request to prepare a modern reception building at the entrance to his camping site.

projekt recepcji na polu kempingowym

The reception building has a modern design and comprehensive finish. It consists of two modules 3m x 9m, which were connected at the place of foundation. Inside, there is the main reception room, 33.5m2, with large glazing, a sanitary room and toilet, and an integrated terrace.

plan nowoczesnej recepcji modułowej

Materials used to finish the reception building

The facade of the modular building was made of fiber cement, cement-bonded particleboards and wooden boards – Siberian larch.

nowoczesny budynek recepcji na polu kempingowym

The floor of the main room, due to exposure to intensive use, was lined with vinyl panels, durable and resistant to mechanical damage, as well as easy to clean. The interior finish also includes ceramic tiles and stoneware in the sanitary room and toilet, as well as bathroom fixtures.

nowoczesna recepcja pola kempingowego

The module has a complete electrical installation, ceiling lights in modern LED technology, switches and sockets. Due to the fact that the modular reception is insulated with mineral wool (15cm in the walls and 20cm in the floor and in the roof), and additionally there is air conditioning with the function of heating and cooling, the building can be used all year round.

montaż recepcji modułowej

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