The express implementation of the finished holiday complex

The Smart Mod series of camping houses are projects that typically arise in terms of holiday centers, camping fields, etc. The houses are modular, built entirely on the production hall, thanks to which a modern leisure center can be created in a short time.

domek letniskowy na zgłoszenie 35

Tailored camping house

Camping House 17 is a small building measuring 3m x 5.6m, which in the interior houses a room with a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower cabin. In an additional option, you can choose a recreational terrace from European larch, any size.

domek letniskowy drewniany modułowy

Despite the small space, the house has been fully equipped with all necessary household appliances, kitchen furniture, as well as complete white installation in the bathroom.

widok z wnętrza domku letniskowego modułowego

Camping House 35 is a spacious comfortable summer house measuring 5.9m by 8.8m, with an integrated terrace, protected by a pergola. Inside, there are two bedrooms, a living room with an equipped kitchenette and a completely finished bathroom with a shower cabin. Interestingly, in Poland such a camping house can be put on a plot for notification.

domek letniskowy drewniany modułowy 35m

Window carpentry in camping houses is made of three-pane PVC. The houses are insulated as standard with 7.5 cm thick mineral wool in the roof, walls and floor. In the all-year option, the insulation is 20 cm in the roof, and floor and 15cm in walls. In the presented project, in addition to traditional electric convectors, electric heating mats were installed on the bathroom floor.

domek bez pozwolenia na budowę letniskowy modułowy 35

A way to identify mobile homes on a camping site

The facade of the camping houses is made of wooden boards – Scandinavian spruce. To identify individual houses, cement-bonded facade cladding boards, painted in separate colors, were installed next to the external doors.

domek letniskowy z drewna


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