New Smartmod in the series of office modules

The modular building Office 60 is the latest project from the Smart Mod Office series. It consists of two steel modules forming a building measuring 6m x 10.5m. The built-up area is 64.2 m2, while the usable area is 55.6 m2. The idea behind this Smartmod design was to combine a spacious sales room with convenient facilities for employees.

biuro modułowe na konstrukcji stalowej

The external façade was made of painted Cetris cement-bonded particleboards and Siberian larch wooden facade boards. The facade made of cetris boards was made in two contrasting colors to direct the client from afar to the entrance to the building. PVC window and door joinery was used – three glazing with very good parameters. The outer walls and floor of the module have been insulated with 20cm thick mineral wool, the thermal insulation in the roof is 25cm wool. As a result, we provide very good working conditions and thermal comfort throughout the year. Additional insulation will reduce the energy demand needed to heat the building in the cooler months.

biuro modułowe na placu sprzedażowy

Modular office layout

rzut biura modułowego na placu magazynowym

In the interior we will find a spacious sales room with an area of ​​30m square, a manager’s room, a small kitchen lit by a horizontal window, a utility room, toilets for customers and a bathroom with a shower cabin. The terrace integrated with the module is made of durable and durable composite boards. The sales room opens to the outside with a large corner glazing in which we have located the entrance for customers. We located the second, independent entrance for employees at the back of the building.

biuro tymczasowe przy osiedlu

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