Modular security lodges are fully finished, free-standing buildings that act as a security room for bodyguards. Guard L and S gatehouse models, which have a sanitary facility, were created with the thought of placing the concierge building in a place remote from other facilities, where bodyguards / bodyguards should not leave the workplace.

Guard S modules with toilet and Guard L with toilet are characterized by a fully finished sanitary room with toilet.

mała portiernia z toaletą

Modular lodges with toilets differ in dimensions. Guard S is a smaller building, designed for one-person work. The guardhouse has the dimensions of 2.5m x 3.4m + 0.6m – roof above the feeding window. The dimensions of the Guard L porter create a comfortable workplace for two guards: 3m x 4m + 0.8m – canopy above the feed window.

stróżówka kontenerowa modułowa solid security

The floor in the concierge is finished with light gray tiles. Inside there is also a work top integrated with the window.

portiernia z kontenera

The external façade is made of high quality fiber cement boards. These plates do not require any maintenance. An alternative is the facade made of wooden boards or combined: wood and boards.

wartownia kontenerowa

The gatehouses are insulated with 20cm thick mineral wool in the floor and in the roof and 15cm in the walls; are heated by traditional electric convectors. In the additional option it is possible to install SPLIT type air conditioning.


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