What do seasonal bars look like?

Temporary buildings erected for the season on the beach are most often associated with containers or tents. These nicer, more solid buildings usually have to be demolished, board by board, and built again from scratch the following year. The Smart-Mod beach bar has been designed using the latest architecture trends. The building looks like a modern year-round facility, while retaining the option of easy disassembly.

bar sezonowy na plaży

Characteristics of a two-story beach bar.

The Beach Bar facility consists of eighteen steel construction modules. The modules are fissile and easy to transport. Installation of the entire bar takes one day plus about two weeks for finishing works. The building has been designed so that it can be transported, assembled and disassembled at least 20 times.

bar na plaży obiekt sezonowy

The total area of ​​the Bar is 270m2. The bottom is 10 modules with a total area of ​​150m2, and the top consists of 8 modules giving 120m2. On the first floor, to which the stairs lead, located inside the Bar. On the first floor there is an open terrace of 36m2, finished with glass balustrades.

The lower terrace made of European larch, surrounding the Bar in front and on the sides, measures 300m2 and is also made of easy-to-remove panels. The bar has men’s and women’s toilets, the entrances of which are located on the side of the building from the outside.

lokal gastronomiczny na sezon

The modular bar façade was made of Siberian larch boards and white cement bonded particleboards. The choice of facade materials, as well as numerous large glazing make the bar look modern and does not resemble a seasonal building at all.

Installation of the Beach bar:


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