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Modular homes is a high quality modern architectural solution. SmartMods are much more robust and aesthetically pleasing than traditional wooden houses, container solutions or plastic mobile homes.

What is a modular home?

Modular house is ready to use building made entirely in the factory. Smart-mod houses are made of high quality materials and supplied to the plot on a trailer lorry. Assembly time building on the plot is usually one day.

Smart-mod buildings are divided into a few categories, as they can serve different functions. Perfect as buildings cottages. After the thermal insulation also fulfill the function of a modern home year-round. For industry we created a line of modern guard houses that perfectly replace the ugly container security lodges greatly improving the space in front of the factory or settlement. We also do small household offices and showrooms worthy of not one investment. We offer a comprehensive solution for the hotel and catering industry. We build both on land and houses on the water.


Smart-Mod modular buildings have been designed with care for every detail, because the space in which we live strongly influences our well-being.

Holiday Houses

The Smart-Mod Holiday Apartments series has been designed as a modern and comfortable holiday homes. We have created this series for people who want to have their own place where they can relax during weekend trips or holidays.

Residential Houses

The Smart Mod Residential Apartments series is a modern alternative to traditionally built residential year-round houses. Single-module solutions are ideal as summer houses, and larger, multi-module houses create a comfortable and cozy living space for everyone.

Camping Houses

We address the Smart Mod Camping series to owners of attractively located recreational areas. The buildings are intended mainly for holiday resorts, camping fields, as well as individual investors looking for a modern alternative to tourist facilities.

Guard Houses

Smart Mod Guard works perfectly as a gatehouse, parking booth, concierge, ticket office, or a security lodge next to the hall, factory or guarded housing estate. The Guard series is a comprehensive offer for investments requiring a lodge for one or more employees.


Smart Mod Gastronomy are modules dedicated to restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream parlors. We design them for seasonal investments as well as permanent facilities.


Smart Mod Toilets were created for the needs of camping sites, summer scenes or parking lots along highways. Toilet modules meet the current requirements for this type of facilities, and thanks to the technology used they are a universal and durable solution.


Smart Mod Office is ideal for a representative office or showroom creating a comfortable workplace or an attractive exhibition space. Smaller modules are great as a home office in the garden, an office at the production hall or the headquarters of a micro company.

Individual projects

Smart Mod Individual Project is a service for customers who want to realize their own original vision with the help of our designers. We develop an individual Smart-Mod concept and adapt it to the needs of the investor and production technology in our factory.


Minimal formalities

Some of the Smart-Mod modules we offer do not require a building permit in some countries. Please ask a local architect or check with building regulations. 

Short delivery time

Smart-Mod is built entirely in the hall and is ready to be installed after about 2 months. Installation on a plot usually takes 1 to 2 days.

Security systems

Bearing in mind safety, we can equip any SmartMod with alarm systems, monitoring, anti-burglar blinds or other solutions according to the investor’s needs.

Individual colors

Both the colors and the facade material are adjusted to the client’s needs.
Thanks to this, each SmartMod can be unique, and we leave the customer the freedom to create the character of his investment or adapt to the plot and the environment.

Complete finish

SmartMod has the entire plumbing and electrical installation ready for connection on the plot. It can also be equipped with all furniture or additional devices and ready for use immediately after installation.

Quick return on investment

If you plan to rent a SmartMod, the investment should pay for itself within 4 years (assuming renting only in the months May – September)

High quality materials

SmartMods are made entirely of high quality materials. Our team, both at the design and production stages, pays special attention to the solid performance of the modules.

Modern interiors

SmartMod buildings are refined with attention to every detail. With limited space available, we used every centimeter to create a spacious and functional interior.


2 storey modular seasonal bar on the beach

2 storey modular seasonal bar on the beach

What do seasonal bars look like? Temporary buildings erected for the season on the beach are most often associated with containers or tents. These nicer, more solid buildings usually have to be demolished, board by board, and built again from scratch the following...

Modular marketplace in Władysławowo

Modular marketplace in Władysławowo

The genesis of the project The city of Władysławowo has been trying for a significant visual improvement of public spaces for the last few years. When announcing the tender for the design and construction of a new Market, the city's governors mainly focused on showing...

Modular office on the sales yard

Modular office on the sales yard

New Smartmod in the series of office modules The modular building Office 60 is the latest project from the Smart Mod Office series. It consists of two steel modules forming a building measuring 6m x 10.5m. The built-up area is 64.2 m2, while the usable area is 55.6...

Security Lodges with toilet – Guard S and L

Security Lodges with toilet – Guard S and L

Modular security lodges are fully finished, free-standing buildings that act as a security room for bodyguards. Guard L and S gatehouse models, which have a sanitary facility, were created with the thought of placing the concierge building in a place remote from other...

Camping houses 17m2 and 35m2

Camping houses 17m2 and 35m2

The express implementation of the finished holiday complex The Smart Mod series of camping houses are projects that typically arise in terms of holiday centers, camping fields, etc. The houses are modular, built entirely on the production hall, thanks to which a...


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