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Series SmartMod toilets was created for campsites, scenes of summer or parking on motorways. The toilets are fully equipped and ready for use immediately after installation.

We offer 2 types of toilets: public and for the disabled.




Toilet for the disabled is equipped with white assembly adapted for the disabled. The module has a ramp for wheelchairs.

Dimensions: W. 2.4m (+ 0.2m) x length. 2.7m (+ 1m) x height. 2,8m






Public toilet is fully equipped with sanitary facilities with the division of rooms for men and women. In the womens section there are three cabins toilet and sink. In the male, there are two cabins toilet, two urinals and sink.

Dimensions: szer.2,9m x L. 9m x H. 2,8m.




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